HR management system for Tele 2 – vacations, sickness, news, conversations


HR management system for Tele2 (one of the leading Russian mobile operators) allows to manage all typical employee-related tasks: sickness reports, vacations schedule, new employees adaptation, employees’ personal cases, internal system for news and messaging and more.

Client Testimonial

Enterprise solutions are one of the main expertise areas of Iteora. And on this project we had applied all our talents and the whole knowledge.

Anna Sokolova, Project Manager

The challenge

Russian office of Tele 2 faced the problem of ineffective management and communication in the team. Their actual solution was based on SharePoint, but its capabilities were not enough to solve all tasks and goals. Therefore a decision to build from scratch a custom software to solve that tasks was made.

The solution should be very comfortable and easy to use – one of the goals is to minimize time for employees to understand the system and start working there.

Another important point is that system should be secure and reliable, data should not be lost or corrupted.

Customer profile

One of the leading russian mobile operators.

The Solution

Iteora team together with the customer developed a concept of the system which includes all the features required for achieving company’s goals.

The solution was done as a web-based solution and was launched in an internal company network with the possibility to login from outside internet. Base for solution: Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Java as a base for software development are the base for solution. User interfaces were done with Angular.

List of works
  • Requirements collection
  • Project documentation development
  • User interfaces design
  • Web-based Intranet system development
  • Support and maintenance
  • Server infrastructure design
  • Monitoring and backups
Used Technologies
  • Oracle
  • Java
  • Angular.js

The Results

Intranet for Employees

Hundreds of employees in the russian office of the customer using the system.

Fast Integration

Complete integration and trainings for employees were done just in 2 weeks.

Secure and stable

One of the main focuses was aimed to security and data stability.


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