Assortment and category management for E-commerce and retail


For the Germany-based online retail startup with a valuation more than 100 mln euros, we have built an automated assortment and category management system. The system sources data from the warehouse and BI systems, and analyzes competitor prices. Taking into consideration demand forecasts and season factors, the system performs real-time repricing and recategorisation of the items available on the website.

Client Testimonial

Enterprise solutions are one of the major areas of expertise of Iteora. We are happy to work with retail companies. For example, we have built an advanced assortment and category management system for a Germany-based E-commerce startup worth > 100 mln euros.

Anna Sokolova, Project Manager

The challenge

The company lacked clear procedures and rules for category and assortment management. All the work was done manually by category managers. There were no clearly defined data standards or item descriptions. The company had two different warehouses with independent warehouse management systems, and the employees had to manually obtain data from the two systems. Competitor analysis was also done manually.

Seeing that the existing system undermined the company’s growth, the management decided to look for a solution.

Customer profile

Our client was a Germany-based retail startup worth more than 100 mln euros. The name of the company is kept confidential under the NDA.

The solution

Together with our client, Iteora R&D team defined the requirements for 3rd party systems (e.g., warehouse), built connection modules to collect data in one place using the same methods. Also, categorisation and assortment rules were developed. Among other things, the rules determined how to move items between categories, how to change item prices, when to move items to the discount group, etc.

Based on these data, our specialists developed an assortment and category management system. Operating independently on dedicated servers, the system receives data from external sources, makes adjustments, and then exports data in the required format to other systems.

Based on .NET FrameWork, the product uses all the advantages of the Microsoft technology stack.

List of works
  • Define category and assortment management rules
  • Define business intellegence data and systems
  • Tie up BI, warehouse, and internal systems with category management
  • Create API for export / import data
  • Check data on 15,000 items in real time
  • Automated repricing
  • Automated recategorization
  • Automated adding to a discount group
  • Export data to PCE engines
  • Send data to goverment regulators
Used technologies
  • .NET FrameWork
  • C#
  • Oracle No SQL
  • MS SQL
  • PHP

The Results

15000 items in real time

Repricing and recategorisation for 15,000 items in real time.

Automated management

Repricing and recategorisation are fully automated and do not require manual intervention.

Stable and secure

The designed system has proven to be reliable, stable, and secure.


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