Smart City

We use advanced technologies to build
Smart City platforms and organize IoT.

Cutting-edge solutions

Smart City solutions are booming in Europe and all over the globe. Barcelona, Zurich, and Vienna were among the first cities to adopt Smart City systems. Our professionals have adopted the best practices and are ready to share their expertise with you.

Flexible approach

At Iteora, we can design a Smart City solution within a set budget and based on whatever infrastructure and components your city currently has. We’ll be glad to cater to any of your requirements. By using systems from Cisco, Huawei, SAP, Siemens and Bosch, as well as top-range IoT devices, we can build a coherent system that will effectively manage the city environment.



Some of the common Smart City solutions include:

  • Energy production and consumption
  • City lighting management
  • Smart public transport
  • Smart heat and energy consumption
  • Smart utility services
  • Digital city services
  • E-government