Innovative approaches to software development

At Iteora we understand how important it is to provide scalable, stable, safe and high-performance products throughout the entire cycle of software development. Our clients trust us with designing, engineering, testing and delivering next-generation digital platforms that become the signatures of their brands.

Our engineers and architects have spent hours researching the newest digital technologies and methodologies. We possess extensive knowledge in a variety of high-tech fields, such as data recognition, blockchain, IoT, AR / VR, data collection and analysis, security technologies, network and infrastructure solutions, and many more. Here are some industries we are involved in:

  • Data processing in marketing companies
  • Data recognition and classification in medical companies
  • Corporate process management¬†
  • Smart City solutions
  • Blockchain in energy sector
  • Mobile and AR/VR games
  • Travel companies
  • E-commerce and affiliate marketing¬†
  • Corporate intranet apps

Some solutions we designed for our clients have no analogies anywhere in the world