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Paperless Business Process. No paper letters and invoices anymore.

The product brought a complete paperless process to a big company. Every day the company deals with 15000-20000 incoming and outgoing letters, invoices, faxes and other documents processing. Our system reduced this amount to < 500 documents per day and it is constantly improving.

Projects like this is a good chance to change our world and make it better: to reduce amount of paper used and impact on ecology with implementation of paperless processes in big companies

Jane Goldberg, Head of Product

The challenge

Working on this project we faced following problems:

1. Design a solution to process and save information which would be fast, secure and reliable;

2. Make documents digitalisation process as easy as possible;

3. Connect dozens internal company's input and output systems;

Customer profile

Customer is hidden under NDA. But this is one of the biggest retail networks in Germany focused on items for people with disabilities.

The Solution

We have build a unique solution ready for use by any company which wants to remove papers from their work.

Solution is based on Microsoft technology stack - .NET, C# and MS SQL in combination with Oracle NO SQL. As a result we have built a system, which can store hundred of millions documents, backup and archive them and search all these documents very fast and convenient.

Users interfaces are intuitive and simple so that any employee can start using the system just in few minutes after first launch.

List of works
  • - Define internal processes in the company
  • - Define procedures how to remove paper
  • - Define procedures how to digitalize paper
  • - Build OCR process
  • - Build Data structure to save and index all data
  • - Connect to the system all other company systems
  • - Advanced search system
Used Technologies
  • - .NET FrameWork
  • - MS SQL
  • - Oracle NoSQL
  • - C#
  • - C++

The results

15000 documents daily

We put more than 15000 documents every day in the system

Paperless Process

Company reduced their documents amount dramatically

Simple, Fast, Secure

Paperless system is simple, fast and secure - all what is required in big companies