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Iteora introduces innovative digital solutions that allow companies to benefit from the true power of technology

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We create powerful web platforms and tools for businesses. E-commerce. Education. Telecom. Finance. Travel. Entertainment

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Our consultants will help you optimize expenses, reduce risks, and do a thorough ROI analysis

Latest projects

Paperless Business Process

Every day the company deals with 15000-20000 incoming and outgoing letters, invoices, faxes and other documents processing. Our solution reduced this amount to < 500 documents per day and it is constantly improving.


SamBanx. Online Bank

The project is a European financial platform with the power to combine classical finances and cryptocurrencies.


Assortment and category management

Automated assortment and category management system.


Document management platform

One of the largest SharePoint-based document management systems in Europe with over 100,000,000 documents integrated in insurance company.


Expertise Areas