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SamEx – Crypto-Exchange with AI-driven Liquidity Management system

With the aid of a unique AI-driven liquidity robot, this Crypto-exchange platform checks more than 100 accounts on external exchanges and can get additional liquidity for complex orders. Based on these technologies, SamEx can offer the best exchange rates to the customers.

Managing a crypto-exchange platform is always a big challenge - but we made it simple with AI-driven liquidity management system. Andrew Parker, Product Head

The challenge

There are lots of classic crypto exchange platforms out there, but many of them lack proper liquidity management, i.e., the ability to fulfill all customers’ orders with a good exchange rate. Security is also a big issue. A lot of crypto-exchanges platforms were hacked in the last two years. So it's important to provide maximum protection to the service.
Customer profile

SamEx is a subsidiary of SamBanx group focused on crypto-exchange operation with crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat trading pairs.

The Solution

Our trading robot is built to track orders booked on 12 major crypto exchanges and get additional liquidity as at when needed. The robot works with 100+ accounts on 12 trading with real-time full order tracking. The security of the platform has been tested and trusted by 3rd party companies. We have built a solution using best world practice in SIEM field. The exchange has network protection, endpoint protection, DDoS protection, and regular vulnerability scans with log management.
Top features
  • - Cold storage management system
  • - Bid/ask order book
  • - AI-driven liquidity bot
  • - Exchange accounting
  • - 10 coins available for trading
  • - 100 remote exchange accounts for liquidity
  • - Web UI
Used Technologies
  • - Go lang
  • - Erlang
  • - Node.JS
  • - C++
  • - Angular

The results

Crypto-exchange development

Crypto-exchange platform with best exchange rates and liquidity

AI in Crypto

AI Driven liquidity management robot

Protected crypto-exchange

Secure and reliable solution.