Pakama – innovative fitness product and mobile app

The ITEORA team has once again proven that it can build a high-end, innovative product on a tight budget and under the pressure of time. We are happy to present you our latest project, Pakama App. This is the product our team takes great pride in.


Pakama is a startup that aims to debunk the established myth that working out needs to be a scheduled session at an expensive gym. With our unique Pakama Bag, you can train at any place and at any time. Pakama Bag is your portable gym that includes a variety of sports accessories.

Pakama Bag grew out of a pilot product. The company launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and managed to attract more than €40,000 in investments. The money enabled us to create the innovative fitness bag. However, there was something missing. The project needed a personal coach. This is where the Pakama app comes into play. The app features hundreds of exercises for every muscle group. Our video tutorials allow the Pakama Bag owners to make the most out of their bag.


Ksenia Lugovaya from ITEORA took up the role of project manager. From Pakama side Jan Skowron and Patrick Kessel were involved.

The team started to work on the project in November of 2018. As a result of continuous business communications between managers and consultants, the product got its authentic design. We also designed an intuitive mobile app and built product prototypes that were thoroughly tested for usability. We decided to outsource the product design to the UXPin company. The UXPin team did a great job, creating stunning visuals for our product. We would also like to mention professional photos made exclusively for Pakama.


After design was approved, the next step was to develop the app. This is where the project was joined by ITEORA’s technical team and server specialists. Thanks to using React Native Framework, the developer team managed to stay within the budget without compromising the functionality of the final product. As a server solution, we chose Drupal CMS.


The Pakama app is currently available in Google and Apple stores. ITEORA provides technical support and updates for the app.

Pakama Fitness App