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SamPool – AI Driven Hashrate Management System. Better than mining.

This Project is an excellent alternative to classic mining. The system uses AI driven system to receive mining hashpower from users and put this power to the coins with best profit. Customers profit are in Bitcoins.

Mining systems developer
We much engrossed with high-tech projects which are working on the edge of current technologies. For example, Sampool. An AI Driven hashrate management system. Michael Kipnis, Project Manager

The challenge

Improving profitability for miners was the main challenge in this project. How users can use their hashpower with maximal efficiency and profitability or mining single coins. However, Iteora was able to solve this problem. Like in all crypto projects, security was another issue. Meanwhile, we already have good experience with security on SamBanx and SamEx projects.
Customer profile

SamPool - is a subsidiary of SamBanx group focused on high-end technologies in mining and blockchain.

The Solution

We have secured a unique solution on the edge of blockchain technology. Our system:
  • makes real time tracking for 6 crypto exchanges with view to demand analysis for 80 coins;
  • makes real time mining complexity analysis for 80 coins;
  • allows users to put hashrate into our system;
  • our AI driven robot redistribute this power to coins with best profitability in each moment of time;
  • another robot in real time sells coins mined to Bitcoin with high rates;
  • User get their revenue in bitcoin;
  • System will be extended for 1000+ coins in the future;
  • - Real time tracking for 6 exchanges order book
  • - Real time coins complexity tracking
  • - Real time exchange rates tracking
  • - Hashpower redistribution based on AI driven logic
  • - Buy/Sell automatic for mined coins with best rate
  • - Web UI
Used Technologies
  • - Erlang
  • - C++
  • - Python
  • - Angular

The results

Real time tracking

Demand and complexity analysis systems

AI in Crypto

AI Driven robot for redistributing hashpower

AI in Trading

AI Driven robot for converting mined coins to Bitcoin