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SamFeeds. Watch for news and get updates first.

SamFeeds is the ultimate solution for traders and analysts for news and inside information monitoring. Service scans in real time thousands of Telegram channels, Twitter accounts and RSS websites and retrieves messages containing user-defined rules and keywords.

At the beginning it was simple - guys from SamBanx asked us to build a tool for Telegram channels monitoring. But after they decided to move this product to the market and we developed the complete Big Data SaaS solution.

Nick Perov, Project Manager

The challenge

The main challenge in SamFeeds project was to make stable, fast and scalable engine which can read million of messages, sort them and get only those which correspond to user-defined rules.

Other problem was to keep all messages in high availability during 1 month

Customer profile

SamBanx is a fintech startup. Was founded in 2017 and is growing very fast. Company will provide fintech services for DACH market - combining classic bank accounts with Crypto.

The Solution

Iteora team has set up a fast and reliable engine which can serve million of messages each second. Unique system of multithread workers scalable and very efficient use of CPU power.

Using best practices in Big Data Iteora team developed own engine to work with MongoDB and save millions of messages with fast access.

As a result user can create new feeds and get messages right away, just in few seconds. You need to find any info right now? In SamFeeds after creating required feed you will get all messages by this topic for last month.

List of works
  • - Project concept development
  • - R&D for messenger technologies
  • - Telegram API
  • - Twitter API
  • - Multithread workers
  • - SaaS product
Used Technologies
  • - Python
  • - Angular
  • - MongoDB
  • - RabbitMQ

The results

Real time parsing

Real time parcing of thousands telegram channels, twitter accounts and RSS websites

Fast and stable

Unique technologies make this Big data product fast and stable

Millions of messages in real time

Real time parsing millions of messages from Telegram, Twitter and RSS websites.