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Mobile App for connecting students and tutors

WizzTutor is an "Uber" for tutors. This project allows to find university tutors and schedule private lessons at convenient time and place. Tutors catalog, in-app payments, GEO services, ratings and reviews – all this in WizzTutor.

This project is a typical example how Iteora helps customers to make their ideas real. Founder of the project had just a hand-written paper mockups of the project and that's all.

Michail Kipnis, Project Manager

The challenge

WizzTutor founder came to Iteora just with idea and hand-written mockups of the interface. Iteora had to deep dive in project topics of the customer and understand the best ways how to help him achieve his goals. It's not hard to build mobile app, but to make the right concept and UI/UX is a real challenge.

Customer profile

Founder of this project had no any experience with online and mobile project before. He got a seed round of investments and wanted to run his project.

The Solution

Iteora product team together with WizzTutor founder developed project conception and requirements. We have moved all hand-written UI concepts to professional wireframes using InvisionApp and have created users flows scenarios and links between screens. Based on UI/UX wireframes Iteora design team created design templates for mobile apps and design for a promo web-site.

Iteora mobile development team built a native mobile Apps for iOS and Android. Each app has 2 modes: "student mode" and "teacher mode". Backend server was built using Java and PHP (for admin system) and has incredible reliability.

List of works
  • - Project conception improvement
  • - R&D
  • - UI/UX development
  • - Native iOS App
  • - Native Android App
  • - Server Infrastructure
  • - Web Backend development
Used Technologies
  • - ObjectiveC
  • - Java
  • - PHP
  • - Android SDK

The results

Goals achieved

Project was done in time and within required budget, customers goals was achieved.

Native Apps

Native Apps was built for Android and iOS platforms

UI/UX done

UI/UX concept and user cases has beed done from scratch