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Incremint Platform. Escrow service for Crypto.

Incremint platform is a new vision of crypto Escrow process. The platform was designed specially for ICO and STO campaigns to ensure secure investment and make ICO/STO projects transparent for investors.

In Iteora we are love consulting projects. It's always great to help people build right IT structure, design and develop a world class product. Such product has Incremint which is next level Escrow service for blockchain projects

Victor Komarov, Project Manager

The challenge

The idea of Incremint founders is unique on the market. There was no any similar cases or well-knows practices like Incremint before. We had to make a deep research process to define the goals and design project specifications.

During this research we had to select best blockchain for the project and technology to run it.

Customer profile

Incremint Project was founded by lawyers from Danilov, Konradi & Partners company. That is a new challenge for them - to try enter on blockchain market

The Solution

As a result of our work we helped Intermint to design and described their technology. Based on this research Incremint had full information on how to build their project, how to manage and support it and based on these data they decided to run their own ICO campaign.

Our team was also happy to create corporate identity style for Incremint as well as website design.

List of works
  • - Consulting Services
  • - Blockchain
  • - Design development
  • - Corporate Identity development
Used Technologies
  • - Hyperledger
  • - UXPin

The results


Iteora Team has helped Incremint with their project and product


Right blockchain was selected for project basis

Design and style

Corporate Identity and design was developed