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CSR Risk Management System. Control of supply chains and sources.

The system helps the company to check all retailer items supply chains for compliance with CSR policies. The system accepts data from hundreds of sources and can check a lot of parameters, manage data and help to make decisions on company’s management.

In modern world for any big company it is very important to comply with Corporate Social Responsibility policies. We have got a chance to build the software to manage that process.

Victor Komarov, Project Manager

The challenge

CSR process was a new thing for a customer company. Together we have to define CSR policies and all related processes. Customer has a hundreds of suppliers all over the world. Thousands of sensitive parameters were to be defined to check and match with corporate CSR policies.

Software by itself should have a lot of connection and integration possibilities with 3rd party systems, data providers and company internal software. Huge amounts of data should be saved, secured and processed fast every day in real time.

Customer profile

Company name hidden by NDA. One of the biggest discount retailers in Europe.

The Solution

Iteora team has a good experience in Enterprise solutions. Using our previous experience we have built a structure to save and manage huge amount of data. API access points and gateways for connection of 3rd party systems was defined and developed.

The product was done as "box" product which can be easily implemented in any other company to process their CSR process. Based on Microsoft technology stack the product became a secure, stable and fast solution for middle size and big companies.

List of works
  • - Define CSR policies together with the customer
  • - Acceptings and combining data from hundreds sources
  • - CSR Risk check for supply chains
  • - CSR Risk Management and Control
  • - Reports and alerts
  • - Export data to 3rd party systems
  • - Connection with company ERP system
  • - Monitoring and backups
Used Technologies
  • - .NET FrameWork
  • - C#
  • - MS SQL
  • - Angular.js

The results

CSR Management

Product define and process all CSR related management actions and tracking

Big data

A lot of data saved and processed in real time during CSR checks

Easy to implement

We make this product as a "box" solution so it can be fast implemented to any other company