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Cloud Computing to Revolutionize 2019

Over the course of the last decade, cloud technologies have had a big effect on the growth of small and medium businesses. For big enterprises, using cloud solutions is a major competitive advantage. In 2019, cloud computing will continue to evolve, remaining the biggest tech trend.

New platforms for enterprises bring together advanced services and low-cost cloud infrastructure.

Let’s see in what ways the cloud will shape 2019.

  1. Corporate spending on cloud services will increase. While some businesses will continue to update their existing systems, others will shift to the SaaS (software as a service) model. SaaS will be growing increasingly popular as an easy way to get access to the latest technologies.
  2. Demand for hybrid and multi-cloud solutions will grow. Today, companies distribute the information load between their own infrastructure, hybrid clouds, and multi-clouds. Businesses using the SaaS model delegate all the tasks to their selected provider, which makes the costs more transparent. This tendency will continue throughout 2019.
  3. Cloud technologies will grow more available. In 2019, advanced technologies – from virtualization to hypervisors to cloud solutions — will continue to expand. Open-source apps will be the main driving force behind this trend. The trend will touch a variety of fields, from app stack to operation systems.
  4. In 2019, we’ll see plenty of new services for all imaginable needs, from blockchain integration to mobile systems. As for cloud technologies, the most popular services will include iPaaS (intergrated platforms as a service), dPaaS (data protection as a service), mBaaS (mobile backend as a service), etc.
  5. Full Stack developers will have to know data processing engines like the back of their hand. As more and more organizations are switching to cloud solutions, developers will be looking at multiple career opportunities. Specialists with an in-depth knowledge of Spark will be in great demand.
  6. Started back in 2017, AI and ML trend will continue to gain momentum. As businesses are turning to cloud computing, AI and ML solutions will be growing ubiquitous.
  7. IT training specialists. Although trainings for IT specialists are already a common thing in the corporate field, there will be an increasing need for professional coaches. Working closely with IT directors, they will teach company’s employees to make the best use of cloud technologies. For better results, the training program will go hand in hand with the corporate roadmap.
  8. Containerization is when the app code and all its dependencies are packaged so that the app runs quickly and reliably. Containers include ready-to-use files, configurations, libraries, etc. Due to its portability, app containerization is a major factor behind the growth of cloud technologies.
  9. Outdated technologies will be substituted by cloud services. Back in the time when cloud technologies were in their early stages, companies used to export their infrastructure to the cloud. Today it’s predicted that the functionality offered by cloud providers will replace company’s own apps. Here we’re talking about databases, AI and ML solutions, etc.

Let’s sum it up:

  • Cloud services will increasingly dominate the tech world.
  • There will be a growing demand for cloud specialists.
  • AI and ML technologies will continue to be on the forefront.

In 2019, businesses are expected to generate new values using cloud computing. Nowadays, there is no doubt that the cloud is a crucially important technology that continues to revolutionize the business world. The main question is this: What businesses will be the first to benefit from the cloud solutions, leaving competitors behind?


Cloud Computing to Revolutionize 2019