Machine Learning for Marketers: How to Boost Your Company’s Revenue

Nowadays, marketers can benefit from a huge selection of digital tools, from analytics systems to advanced programmatic platforms to cloud solutions. At the same time, the volume of data generated by users during their online behavior and communication is growing like an avalanche. To navigate this flow of information, marketers need clever solutions for collecting, … Continue reading “Machine Learning for Marketers: How to Boost Your Company’s Revenue”

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Cloud Server vs. Physical Server: Which One is Best?

Despite a big popularity of cloud services, many businesses are still asking a common question: “What makes a cloud server better than a physical server in my office?” The National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA) defines cloud computing as a model of network access to a shared set of configurable computing resources (network channels, … Continue reading “Cloud Server vs. Physical Server: Which One is Best?”

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10 Software Testing Trends You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019

Hey guys, On the eve of launching our QA specialist course (which is released in 10 days), we’d like to talk about new approaches to software testing. If you want to stay up-to-date on this important topic, this article is just what you need! With Agile and DevOps growing increasingly popular, the software development industry is … Continue reading “10 Software Testing Trends You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019”

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Business intelligence big data

Tableau Software Launches Natural Language Interface to Create Visualizations

How many statisticians does it take to build a new data model? According to Tableau Software, none. The company says that the upcoming version of its widely used analytics tool will do all the work itself. Last week in New Orleans, Tableau presented a new feature called Ask Data. The new tool allows users to … Continue reading “Tableau Software Launches Natural Language Interface to Create Visualizations”

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Lightning network bitcoin

Can Lightning Network Save Blockchain?

Even those who know pretty much about cryptocurrencies, bitcoin blockchain and lightning network erroneously think that the Lightning Network (LN) technology is a magical solution to all the problems and perfect way to endlessly scale up blockchain. The traditional blockchain, where each node transmits all transactions, is currently unable to store and process a big … Continue reading “Can Lightning Network Save Blockchain?”

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AI Artifical Intelligence systems

AI Cancelled?

Turns out that the development of computer learning algorithms has stumbled upon an obstacle. This obstacle is the set theory that cannot be solved due to fundamental reasons.   Amir Iegudajov and his colleagues from the University of Tel Aviv found out that machine learning algorithm has stumbled upon a fundamental mathematical paradox discovered by … Continue reading “AI Cancelled?”

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Business Intelligence development

Smart Tips on Creating BI System

Designing BI processes Effective decision making is impossible without full and detailed information on how your organization is doing. The problem is that most organizations only go as far as annual and quarterly reports, which is not nearly enough. For effective performance analysis, enterprises are implementing business intelligence (BI) systems. In this article, we’ll share … Continue reading “Smart Tips on Creating BI System”

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